Friday, June 15, 2012

SmartOS/Illumos Training

If you are reading this, you probably are here either because you saw my post on twitter, or you searched for "zfs recovery" (see here). This is the first blog I have written here since 2009, so it is time to write again.

I have written (in a different blog) on using flamegraphs at Using flamegraph to Solve IP Scaling Issue. Rather than spending time saying what I've been doing since my last blog entry here, I want to talk a bit about what I am doing now. If you're interested in what I have been doing, see KVM on Illumos.

Since I wrote the blogs on ZFS recovery, I have been getting emails, at a rate that is slowly increasing over time (now ~2 per week), from people asking if I can help with ZFS problems. If I had received this many emails when I wrote the blog, I might be working full time now on ZFS recovery issues. As it is, I am now very busy working for Joyent, and have not had time to answer as many of the ZFS requests as I would like. My apologies to people who I have not answered. For those of you who have asked for my mdb and zdb modifications, please send me email at max_at_joyent_dot_com. If I get enough requests, it is possible that the modifications may find their way into SmartOS (and Illumos).

If you would like help with ZFS problems, I can better justify my time if you download Joyent's SmartDataCenter product, available here, and give it a try. If you're interested in SmartOS (simply the best Solaris-based operating system you can use), it is available for download at Joyent fully supports SmartOS for use in its SmartDataCenter product, so you are more likely to get help in a timely fashion with problems than I am able to provide on my own.

And, what am I doing now? Joyent is offering classes on SmartDataCenter, DTrace, and SmartOS/Illumos Internals. I am involved with developing the courseware, and shall be (along with Brendan Gregg) delivering the courses. For more information, see Training from Joyent.

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